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Goto.health was established to make connecting with your health practitioner and booking an appointment easier.

Have you ever woken up feeling sick or injured and tried to book an appointment with your health professional only to find out they are booked out till later in the week? You then get on google and search for health practitioners in your area. You make countless calls and still cannot book an appointment that fits your schedule requirement?

Or have you been dissapointed by using traditional digital booking engines that get you to input a postcode and present a long list clinics  once you have chosen a clinic you then have to choose a  practitioner. Then you have to sift through then find available times, and input other information only to get a 'sorry we cannot confirm this booking, as the clinic has not activated bookings' message?

How enfruiating is that wastage of your time?

Well, the good news is that Goto.health has flipped the model; instead of having the potential patient search through lots of GP and Allied Health appointment slots. With Goto.health, you input your availability and Goto.health instantly details the top 3-5 health practitioners who meet your time, date, distance and cost criteria across;

  • GP's
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists (coming soon)
  • Dietitians
  • Osteopaths
  • Podaitrists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Remedial massage therapists

There is simply no other platform like Goto.health. How do we do it? We have agreeements with the key practice management platforms that cover a majority of GP and Allied Health clinics in Australia. We are also integrated with ical, Google Calendar and Outlook so smaller Allied Health clinics which do not use pracice management software can still access our service - these smaller clincis make up 35% of the Allied Health market in Australia.



Our Team

The people that make all this possible


Jakomi's Image
Jakomi Mathews

CEO & Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur, looks for gaps in the market through in depth primary research, Why health? Because patient and clinic experience leave a lot to be desired. At Goto.health we will continue to deliver better outcomes for both sides of the table.
Dmitri's Image
Dmitri Voronenko

CTO & Co-founder

Having created IT solutions for federal government contractors, Australian universities, international mining sector companies, and LinkedIn Top 25 Startups, I know that tech is only as good as the people behind it. I am committed to implementing the right balance of people and tech.
Leola's Image
Leola Small

Chief Marketing Officer

A seasoned marketer with over two decades of experience, is the creative force behind Small Mktg, a specialist firm born in 2022. Leola's unique approach blends her vast experience in Global Enterprises, Professional Services, and Startups with a passion for Digital Marketing.
Mohamad's Image
Mohamad Wasim Alsaeed

Senior Web Application Developer

Enjoy working on New Techniques in The Web Development stack. C# fanatic, I Love to Hate Other Programming Languages. caffeine addict Coffee brewing is a stress relief. Hobby? PC building Simply tinkering and upgrading stuff is so damn fun!
Will's Image
William Sultan

Junior Developer/Project Manager

New to the industry but continuously learning. Started in a development role with project management opportunities, aspiring to be inspire and lead the team.
Abdullah's Image
Abdullah Inshasi

Front-End Engineer

I have an eye for detail which I find valuable as a programmer, I'm a team player which helps me work with teams efficiently to accomplish our shared goal, and I find joy in learning new technologies to improve my career and to make the best application as possible
Wayne's Image
Wayne Rosso

Head of Clinic Success

Business Developer with 20+ years’ experience. Prospected, pitched and closed over $100 million in booked business. • Developed strategic partnerships with brands such as Microsoft, AVG, Norton, HTC, T-Mobile & Opera. • Connected with stakeholders: C-level executives, Brand Managers & Sales Managers to help develop deep foothold within companies and ensure a successful partnership.
Ayush's Image
Ayush Bhadauria

Full stack JavaScript Developer

Experienced full-stack JavaScript developer who loves projects that require challenging conceptual and analytical thinking.


Our Advisors

Our advisory board partners with the Goto.health team in order to provide insights and information across their many areas of expertise.


Charles' Image
Charles Lynam


Globally-experienced general manager, investor, board director and consultant involved in a range of start-up, family and mature businesses in healthcare technology, agriculture, financial services and investment management.
Gihan's Image
Dr. Gihan Del Mel


Medical Doctor, GP/Primary Care Physician, Digital Health, Founder Tech4Docs. Highly experienced and understand the needs of doctors to delivery care to their patients.
David's Image
David Du Plesiss


Passionate about improving the system interactions and developing sustainable and unique models of care that improve outcomes for members, reduce the cost for funders and allow providers the freedom to innovate with technologies, care pathways and operational improvements.
Andrew's Image
Andrew Buttery


A natural relationship builder, Andrew is able to utilise a broad network of connections to add value to any business he associates with, coupled with the ability to open up new opportunities and relationships for any business.
Justin's Image
Justin Ragenovich


Senior Public and Private health sector executive, founder and managing director of Med Directions a business delivering resource needs for public and private hospitals.