What is Goto.health?

Goto.health provides a secure platform to enable medical practitioners to communicate with their patients. In particular, we work with your medical practitioner to find easier and more accessible ways for you to book and manage your appointments.

Goto.health is a free service (you only pay when you book an appointment with your desired practitioner) that allows you to do a variety of the following

  • Make Online Bookings for yourself and your family with your preferred practitioner.

  • Manage upcoming appointments that have been booked with your Goto.health account.

  • Be reminded by SMS or In App Push Notification about upcoming appointments booked either with Goto.health account or the clinic's reception.

  • Be reminded for recall reasons to visit your clinic.

  • Be notified about clinic information.

Why did I receive an email confirming an appointment I booked?

If you have received an email from Goto.health confirming an appointment made directly with your clinic, this has been sent to you on behalf of your clinic who uses our services.

These emails are automatically sent as a courtesy for any appointment at the clinic regardless of whether it was booked using HotDoc or directly at the clinic. The purpose of these emails are to

  • confirm your booking

  • provide any additional information such as access to a digital New Patient Registration form

Can I opt out of receiving these emails?

If you would prefer not to receive these email, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the email or by letting your clinic know that you'd like to opt out of this kind of communication.

Why can't I find my preferred practitioner?

There are a number of reasons why your preferred practitioner might not be accepting online bookings:

  • Some clinics may choose to only show a selection of their practitioners on their Goto.health booking site.

  • Some practitioners may not accept online bookings, or prefer that patients book over the phone or in person only.

  • Your clinic may be experiencing some technical issues, and are therefore unable to accept online appointments

If you have checked your clinic's booking page and are unable to find your usual practitioner, we would suggest consulting your clinic directly via phone to book your appointment, and to query why the practitioner is not available online at this time.

You can find your clinic's contact details on their Goto.health bookings page by searching for them via our Goto.health Bookings Page.

How can I change my appointment details?

If you would like to make changes to your booking after it's been confirmed, you will firstly need to cancel and then re-book it under the correct details. You may wish to do this if you have booked the appointment under the wrong name, for the wrong time or with an incorrect appointment reason.

How do I cancel or reschedule a Goto.health booked appointment?

Appointments that have been booked using Goto.health are able to be cancelled or rescheduled by logging in to your Goto.health account.

To reschedule, you first must cancel your exisiting booking. Please read the below guide to learn how to cancel and reschedule your Goto.health online booking.

How to cancel via your account
  • Open your Goto.health account app on your device. If you are not already logged in, please select Log in and enter your registered email address or mobile phone number and password

  • Select the Appointments tab in the bottom menu bar. Find the relevant appointment in your appointment list and tap Cancel appointment

  • Find the relevant appointment in your appointment list and tap Cancel appointment

  • You will be prompted to confirm your cancellation request by clicking the 'Yes, cancel' button

  • Once successfully processed, your appointment will show as cancelled in your History list once the app has refreshed. This will send the cancellation request to your clinic and you will receive a confirmation via email. You will also get the option to reschedule for another time by clicking the Reschedule appointment button

How to cancel via the Web App
  • Head to the Goto.health Patient Home Page and click on 'Login' at the top right hand corner of the screen

  • After logging into your account, or if you are already logged in, click on Appointments at the top right corner of the screen

  • This will bring up your patient account details and list the appointments you have requested through Goto.health under the Appointments tab

  • Find the relevant appointment in your current appointment list and cancel the booking by clicking on Cancel appointment. You will then be asked if you are sure you would like to cancel

  • Clicking Yes, cancel will send the cancellation request to your clinic and you will receive a confirmation via email. You will also get the option to reschedule for another time by clicking the Reschedule appointment button

What if I can not find my preferred Clinic on the Booking page?

If you are not able to locate your preferred Clinic to request an appointment on our booking page, it may indicate that your clinic does not currently use Goto.health for online bookings.

You can contact your preferred Clinic directly via phone to book or check back on our booking page soon to see if they have added Goto.health as their preferred online booking provider.

Can I book a specific type of appointment?

You may find that you require an appointment for a specific issue when booking online. Most clinics will offer a 'standard appointment' option which may be appropriate for most issues, but sometimes they may also offer more specialised appointments for their patients to select from. You will be asked to select an appointment type option when booking with your chosen practitioner.

Appointment types that are available to be booked online are chosen and set by the clinic.

If the appointment type you wish to make is not listed as an option to choose online, please also contact your preferred Clinic via phone to request this appointment type.

If you are making a booking for an issue that may require more time than a standard consultation, and a longer appointment option is not shown online, you may also need to contact your clinic via phone to request this.

Appointment types that are available to be booked online are chosen and set by the clinic.

If you would like to remove your Goto.health account please follow the steps below to remove your account using either the Goto.health website.

  • Log in to your account

  • Click on your account holder initials in the top right corner of your screen

  • Click on Profile then Delete account

  • Enter your password for your Goto.health account then click Delete Account once more.

Can I register with a landline phone number?

Creating and registering for a Goto.health patient booking account currently requires access to a mobile phone device and number. This is to ensure that we have a unique verification process for Goto.health account creation and appointment booking purposes.

Landline or home phone numbers are not able to be used for account registration at this current time.

How will I know if my Goto.health booking is confirmed?

If you have an appointment awaiting confirmation, it will appear as grey in the Appointments section of your app or browser

Sometimes this may occur due to a short delay in confirming your appointment and upon refreshing your browser or app, you may find the booking is successfully showing as confirmed in the Appointments section.

This can also occur if you have provided some details that the clinic may need to check manually. Once they have done this on their end, you should also see a confirmation of your booking, if successful, in the Appointments section

Confirmed appointments will also receive an email from Goto.health with the subject line 'Appointment Confirmed'

If your online booking has not been confirmed, and it is nearing your appointment time, you may need to contact your clinic to ask them to manually check the appointment you've requested.

Do you send Appointment Reminders?

If your clinic uses appointment SMS reminders, you might receive a SMS Reminder or a Push Notification within the app to remind you of your upcoming appointment.

Goto.health may also send you both a confirmation email upon booking, as well as a reminder email the day before your scheduled appointment.

What will the doctor's consultation fee be?

Goto.health helps supply a GP or specialist clinic with online appointment bookings and can help patients like you to create an account and book online.

You will pay the amount specified by the clinic when you made your booking via Goto.health. This fee is generally for the consultation session only, any medicines or other items will be billed separately by the clinic

If you have any medical enquiries, or questions regarding consultation fees and billing, please contact your clinic directly via phone to discuss using the contact information listed on your clinic's bookings page.

You can find your clinic's contact and billing information at the bottom of their Goto.health booking page.

Will the doctor charge a no-show or late cancellation fee?

Each clinic has their own cancelation and no-show policy. Goto.health does not dictate what those should be to each clinic. Each clincis T & C’s are detailed when you make your booking on Goto.health.

If you have any queries regarding the cancellation policy of a medical centre, you must check directly with your practice via phone as to the details of their late cancellation or non-attendance fee policy.

  • Goto.health provides medical centres with an online booking system and can assist patients with creating an account and booking online with their chosen clinic.

  • Goto.health is unable to pass any messages on to your clinic on your behalf.

You can find your clinic's contact phone number on their Goto.health bookings page by searching for them via our Goto.health Website.

Payment Information and Safety

I have been asked to add my card details via SMS after registering, do I need to enter them again? No, Goto.Health pre-authorises the card at the time of registration, if you choose to skip this step, it will be prompted when you make your first appointment.

What will my card information be used for?

Your payment information is taken to ensure there is a valid payment method.

When will I be charged for my appointment?

Needs to be filled.

How is my card information kept secure?

Needs to be filled.

What happens when I add my card details?

Goto.Health will only pre-authorise your payment information and not charge you anything until your appointment is made.

Does adding my card cost me anything?

No, the pre-authorising process should not incur a financial deduction, however, it may show up in your transaction statement to notify you.


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