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What is provides a secure platform to enable medical practitioners to communicate with their patients. In particular, we work with your medical practitioner to find easier and more accessible ways for you to book and manage your appointments. is a free service (you are only charged a commission payment when a patient book an appointment with your clinic) that allows you to do a variety of the following:

  • All bookings go directly into your calndar and only available slots are filled by

  • Patients can search for their preferred practitioner

  • Manage upcoming appointments that have been booked with your account

If a patient cancels, or rescheduels an apoointment outside of the conditions you set (i.e wihtout 48 hours prior notice), you determine how much the patient is charged. If the patient does not show up to a confirmed appointment booking the patient is charged the full payment amount for the booking.

How to add or edit a Practitioner

The Dashboard allows you to add or edit a practitioner on your clinic's online bookings page, customising their individual profile and selecting the appointment types that they perform.

Filling in each profile with this information will assist your patients in booking an online appointment with the practitioner that best meets their needs.

Once created, each practitioner profile will have an Edit section that is divided into three parts:

  • Practitioner Profile

  • Online Bookings Settings

  • Appointment Types

Practitioner Profile

The Practitioner Profile is where you can edit the Display Name, make a link to the corresponding practitioner in your clinical software and upload other custom options such as:

  • Image

  • Professional Statement

  • Gender

  • Therapy type

  • Profession/Qualifications/Education

  • Languages

Online Bookings Settings

The online booking settings section will allow you to:

  • Switch the practitioner on or off for online bookings by toggling the Visible for Online Bookings checkbox.

  • Tell new patients to call the clinic to ensure that any patients who indicate that they are new to the clinic will need to call to book an appointment with this practitioner.

  • Set how far into the future a patient can make a booking by entering a number of days in the box next to Patients can book an appointment online no more than (The default is always set to the maximum amount of 90 days)

Appointment Types

To ensure a patient is able to request an appointment with a practitioner, you will need to enable appointment types on their individual profile.

  • The Appointment Types section will display all appointment types that have been created. To learn how to add or edit these appointment types, click here.

  • Switching an appointment type on for a practitioner is as simple as selecting the checkbox next to the appointment type and saving your changes:

  • If the default appointment type settings you have already created do not apply to a particular practitioner, you are able to edit each type by clicking on Edit and editing the applicable details:

  • If the appointment type accepts payment via, you can adjust a practitioner's individual payment amount here, as well as any custom Telehealth Patient Eligibility settings. This is particularly handy if you accept different payment amounts per practitioner

How to add, edit or remove appointment types Bookings allows you to customise the appointment types that are shown online to your patients so that they are in line with the types in your clinical software Appointment types are helpful for guiding your patients to book appointments specific to their needs Examples of common appointment types are:

  • Standard Consult

  • Initial Consult

How do I delete my account?

If you would like to remove your account please follow the steps below to remove your account using either the website.

How to delete your account (Website)
  • Log in to your account here

  • Click on your account holder initials in the top right corner of your screen

  • Click on Profile then Delete account

  • Enter your password for your account then click Delete Account once more

Do you send Appointment Reminders?

If your clinicc prctice management system sends reminders, your patients will recevie appointment reminders. may also send you both a confirmation email upon booking, as well as a reminder email the day before your scheduled appointment


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